Amazing Mornings

Welcome to Amazing Mornings.

I used to have the worst mornings ever. Negative self defeating thoughts, dread, dragging my sorry ass to the shower… Now I wake up with a fist pump.

After 6 years of reading every relevant self-help book on the planet I’ve got mornings licked. I changed my mind.

I’ll be writing here about it, but more importantly, I’ll be guiding people from scratch on how to start having amazing mornings through changing your morning mindset, establishing powerful morning habits, and building up an entire morning routine that will have people wondering what happened to you last night!

Latest Posts:

Fuck Off Meditation for habitual negative self talk and emotions

Get rid of habitual negative self talk and negative unhelpful emotions like worry, pessimism, sadness and anxiety. Identify these and consciously tell them to Fuck off! Create space in your mind and separation between these and your self. These. Are. Not. You. They are terrible habits that were probably useful at some point in yourContinue reading “Fuck Off Meditation for habitual negative self talk and emotions”

Crush Negative Mornings

Mar 31, 2020 – We are maintaining a habit of getting up earlier, having our coffee, and visualizing a heart warming, funny, positive image that moves us. Then go eat something! Crush Negative Mornings: Do you wake up in a negative state? Are your morning thoughts negative? Have you tried to start a positive morningContinue reading “Crush Negative Mornings”