A peak into my current morning routine

Creating good habits is about starting in a small way that you can and will do. Motivation runs out so if you have to really push yourself to start and maintain a habit your chances of success can be pretty poor.

This is why my intro to crushing negative mornings starts with just getting up 10 minutes earlier than usual. It’s a move in the right direction and not that far off from what you do now.

My morning routine, in addition to doing the intro videos with you, now consists of:

  • (Intro) Getting up early – an hour and 1/2 earlier than when I started
  • Having a small spoonful of peanut butter to get something in my gut. My body has interpreted hunger as anxiety for years. Because of anxiety I’d forget to eat and then become so hungry I’d be anxious and hungry.
  • A small showering routine.
    • Start the shower
    • Do 15 Pushups
    • Do a 2 minute plank
    • Shower
    • End the shower by increasing the cold water & do 20-30 sec on the coldest I can currently bear. I also visualize myself singing a song I love and shake my booty. I find I can endure colder temperatures doing this. Plus, it’s a fun twist.
  • Dress
  • (Intro) Have a Buttered Coffee
  • (Intro) Visualize powerful images that make me feel really good.
  • Write a two minute journal answering 3 questions:
    • What will I let go of today?
    • What am I grateful for?
    • What will I focus on?
  • (Intro) Eat – I make a fruit smoothie with protein powder, greens & fiber
  • With the smoothie I take Vitamin A, a Probiotic, and Omega3s
  • While having the smoothie I then visualize three things for 5 minutes each:
    • The moment of having achieved what I want next in my life and what that is
    • Projecting Loving Kindness at anyone with whom I have confrontational or anxious thoughts about. It’s very difficult to resent someone you project love at daily
    • Projecting Forgiveness at myself and others.
    • These incredibly powerful and positive visions create equally powerful and positive emotions. Emotions stick after your mind has moved on to other things.
  • Use a foam roller on my back to work out the kinks
  • Pump my fist at the end of having done them all

I didn’t start doing all of these. I started with getting up earlier, grabbing my coffee, and watching a videos of people laughing hysterically. Then I added eating realizing my previous negative and anxiety driven routine included leaving the house in a rush at the last minute & forgoing breakfast.

Emotions stick after your mind has moved on to other things.

A really important point to make here is that as I increased the amount of time I got up earlier I also started going to bed much earlier as well. Good morning habits start the night before. I believe having a regular bed / rise schedule also helped train my body to become tired and ready to rise at the same time.